Thrift Chapter #12 holds regular meetings on the First Tuesday of the Month at the
Prince Hall Masonic Temple
1000 U Street NW
Washington DC

2014 Thrift Chapter Officers

Worthy Matron: Sis. Stephanie Elise Newsome
Worthy Patron: Bro. Thomas C. Thorne, Sr.
Associate Matron: PM Jacqueline Williams
Associate Patron: Bro. Jeremy Smith
Conductress: PM Sonia Young
Associate Conductress: Sis. Wanita Smith
Treasurer: PGWM Betty C.V. Reed
Secretary: PAGL Sharon Evans Newsome
Trustee: Sis. Ida Riddick
Trustee: Sis. Patricia Jackson
Trustee: PM Patricia Jordan-Simpson
Chaplain: Sis. Janet Abraham
Rec Secretary: PM Jacqueline Harvey
Marshal: PM Mabel Hart
Sentinel: PP Leslie Thornton
Adah: PM Betty West
Ruth: Sis. Kim Mason
Esther: Sis. J. Chavon Blue
Martha: Sis. Gloria Gibson
Electa: Sis. Rose Allen

Congratulations to the newest members of Thrift Chapter #12: Class of 2014 "Purpose"

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Current Thrift Members